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    Malarone is a medication used to prevent malaria in cholorquine-resistant areas.

    The medication should be taken at the same time each day with food or a high-fat milk drink. Rarely, vomiting may occur while taking this drug. A second dose should be taken if vomiting occurs within one hour of taking the dose.

    Malarone has very few side effects. In clinical trials, patients with symptoms such as headache, muscle aches and gastrointestinal complaints occurred at about the same rate as those who were taking a placebo (sugar pill).

    Malarone is not recommended for anyone with known sensitivities to proquanil or atovaquone. People who take tetracyclines or Reglan should not use this medication. The medication has not been approved for use during pregnancy, by breastfeeding mothers and in children under 24 pounds.

    Malarone is taken one day before entering malarious areas, daily while in the area and for seven days after leaving those areas. Using insect repellants, appropriate clothing and bed-netting are also important components to help prevent malaria. If for any reason you need to stop taking Malarone, consult a health care provider about an alternative medication. In addition, malaria medications are not 100% effective. Be sure to seek medical attention if you develop a fever during or after your stay in a malaria-endemic area.