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    At the Hospital - On the Day of Your Surgery, Test or Procedure

    Patients are generally asked to arrive between 1 and 1½ hours before the scheduled surgery, test or procedure. Please confirm your arrival time during your pre-admission testing appointment.

    Your care, comfort and privacy are our main concerns. Our goal is to make sure that your surgery, test or procedure is on time (within 30 minutes of the scheduled time). Sometimes there are delays.

    We will keep you informed if delays occur.

    • Take only the medicines that you were told by the nurse or surgeon/primary doctor–with a sip of water.
    • Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Bring cases for glasses, contact lenses, and dentures. You will need to remove them before your surgery, test or procedure.
    • Do not wear wedding bands, jewelry or body piercing jewelry or bring valuables like cash, credit cards, or checkbooks to the hospital. Applying make up or topical ointments the day of your surgery is also not recommended.
    • We will be pre-warming you with a gown or blanket prior to your surgery. This process helps your body heal and will make your stay with us more comfortable.

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    Surgical Waiting Area

    There will be an area provided for your family and friends to wait. The staff will keep your family and friends well informed.

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    Patients and Families First

    Mills-Peninsula is committed to providing a safe, nurturing and healing environment guided by the needs of each patient and their family. We recognize patients, families and health care providers as partners in providing care that respects and relies upon the expertise of each. We encourage the exchange of information and access to education and support systems that foster participation and self-reliance. Please let us know if we can do anything more to meet your needs before, during or after your stay.
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    When You Go Home

    You will receive instructions for your home care before leaving the hospital. Be sure that you understand these instructions and follow them carefully. Check with your doctors if you have questions or concerns.

    If you are staying overnight after your surgery, our standard discharge time is 11 a.m. Arrange for someone to drive you home. Note: you may not go home alone in a taxi or on public transportation. Your doctor will tell you if there is a medical reason for you to stay longer.

    To plan for your care at home, ask your doctor or nurse about:

    • Any new medications you will be taking
    • Warning signs for when to call your doctor
    • Your follow-up care and post-op appointment with your physician
    • What kinds of activities are safe to do (climbing stairs, exercise, lifting weights and hygiene)
    • Any special equipment needs
    • What you can do to help prevent surgical site infection (link to Surgical Site Infection FAQ)
    Note: Our goal is to provide very good service throughout your visit. Please let us know at anytime if we did not meet this expectation. In order to continually improve our service, you may receive a written satisfaction survey in the mail shortly after your visit. Please complete the survey and let us know why any score is less than very good so we can address any issues or concerns.
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    For Children Having Surgery, a Test or Procedure

    A parent or guardian must accompany any patient under the age of 18 during their pre-admission testing appointment as well as on the day of the procedure – unless otherwise indicated by your pre-admission testing nurse. Parents must remain onsite during the procedure and will be reunited with their children as soon as possible following the procedure.

    Please bring your child’s immunization record with you.
    Please don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor if you have any questions.
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