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    Radiology Medical Team

    Radiologists are doctors who are experts in analyzing medical images obtained by procedures such as X-ray, ultrasound, MRI scans, CT scans and other imaging technology.

    Forming a correct diagnosis from the results of a medical imaging procedure requires years of experience. Your radiologist has expert knowledge about the structures of the human body and is an expert on radiation, physics, computers and the complicated technologies used to create medical images.

    Our current list of radiologists include:

    Radiologic Technologists (RTs) & Radiologic Nurses

    Mills-Peninsula radiologists are assisted by radiologic technologists (RTs) and radiologic nurses.

    RTs undergo formal training and perform most of the radiography exams. They set-up, adjust and operate advanced equipment to produce images, explain procedures and position you on the examining table.

    Radiologic nurses help provide for your physical, mental and emotional needs during your procedure. They may give you certain medications and play a critical role in ensuring your safety and comfort during your procedure.