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    Student Learning Outcomes

    Goal I: To graduate clinically competent entry-level radiographers

    1. The student will be clinically competent.
    2. The student will apply positioning skills.
    3. The student will practice radiation protection on patients, self and others.
    4. The student will select appropriate technical factors.

    Goal II: To develop students who will demonstrate effective communication skills enabling them to interact efficiently with the entire healthcare team and the public.

    1. The student will professionally and effectively communicate with members of the healthcare team.
    2. The student will accurately obtain patient histories.
    3. The student will respond appropriately to requests from patients, physicians and staff.

    Goal III: To develop the student’s critical thinking and problem solving skills to function as a competent and active member of the healthcare team.

    1. The student will demonstrate appropriate care and imaging techniques of the injured or critically ill patient.
    2. The student will be able to evaluate a radiograph for diagnostic quality.
    3. The student will be able to adjust technical factors due to non-routine situations or pathology.
    4. The student will be able to modify standard procedures based on non-routine situations.

    Goal IV: To instill in the student the importance of professional values, continued education and professional development.

    1. The student will present in a professional manner.
    2. The student will tend to patients’ needs, listen without judgment and be aware of patients’ modesty.
    3. The student will understand the importance of continued professional growth.

    Goal V: To provide the community with qualified, competent and compassionate imaging practitioners.

    1. Course completion rates
    2. Program retention rate
    3. ARRT Credentialing Exam Pass Rate
    4. Job status of recent graduates
    5. Employer survey
    6. Post-graduate survey
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