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    MPMC Radiography Program:
    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much is the tuition for the program?

    There is no tuition for the MPMC Radiography Program. There is also no commitment from the student to work for MPMC. Students are charged for their text books during the first week of classes. MPMC Radiography Program is a full-time program and we expect students to commit to the program for 24 months.
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    How many students do you accept each year?

    MPMC is currently accepting 6 students each year. We also do not have a lottery for placement into the program so students are encouraged to reapply the following years.
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    I graduated from college over 7 years ago, do I have to take the math prerequisites again?

    No. However, you will need to take a math placement test at a local community college and pass at the level of intermediate algebra. The following perquisite courses have no time limit; anatomy and physiology, oral and written communication, and introduction to computer science.
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    If my application was turned down the first year, can I re-apply the following year?

    You may reapply the following years as many times as you wish. We do suggest that you improve your application by retaking the prerequisite courses and continuing your volunteer work. There are no guarantees for resubmitted applications.
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    I have copies of my transcripts, will you accept my copies?

    No. Official transcripts must either come directly from the school or in a sealed envelope with your application.
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    Does MPMC provide a paid internship?

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    Does MPMC School of Diagnostic Imaging qualify for student loans?

    Since MPMC School of Diagnostic Imaging is a hospital base program, it does not qualify for any student loans at this time.
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    Does MPMC School of Diagnostic Imaging provide job placement after I graduate?

    No. However, students will have opportunities to participate in employment seminars with local hospitals during their second year of training. Many hospitals request our students to submit their resumes after graduation. Most of our graduates also accept positions before graduating.
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    Since MPMC Radiography Program is a hospital base program, will I be paidless than a student graduating from a college program as a radiologic technologist?

    No. However, we feel our students are better prepared because they have clinical training for the entire 24 months of training.
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    I am a Sutter Health employee, will I be guaranteed a job after graduation?

    No. MPMC School of Diagnostic Imaging does not guarantee any student any job or job placement after graduation. Sutter Health employees also do not have priority for placement in the program.

    If you have any other questions you may contact the program director by email or phone. You may also view the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).
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