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    Checklist for Your Visit

    This section provides a checklist of items for your visit to Mills-Peninsula. Please do not bring any valuables, such as large sums of money, jewelry or mobile phones. If you have any questions, please call 650-696-5400.


    • Robe and nightgown

    • List of medications

    • Slippers

    • Reading material

    • Toiletries and cosmetics

    • Crossword puzzles

    • Shorts or sweat pants

    • Games

    • Pen and paper

    • Phone numbers

    If you are having a baby:
    • Health plan card

    • Bathrobe

    • Slippers

    • Socks

    • Tennis balls or pain roller

    • Hand Fan

    • Receiving blanket

    • Hair clips or rubber bands

    • Lip moisturizer

    • Snacks for labor coach

    • Magazines or reading material

    • Camera, film, batteries

    • Relaxing CD or tape

    • CD or tape player

    • Pictures for focal point

    • Change of clothes

    • Two bras (nursing bras if you plan to breastfeed)

    • Baby book for footprints

    • Baby car seat

    • Baby outfit for trip home