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    Bioethics is Good Medicine

    Bioethics involves making the best possible health care decisions with attention to more than just medical factors - especially when there is disagreement about an appropriate course of action.

    Mills-Peninsula’s staff is committed to providing compassionate care to patients and their families.

    Making decisions can be difficult. Bioethics helps us consider life-sustaining treatments (including cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, artificial ventilation and artificial methods of providing food and fluids) and discusses aspects of their use.

    Here to help
    Medical decisions can often be complex. We are here to help you make the most informed decisions possible.

    Your rights, responsibilities
    You can receive a copy of your Rights and Responsibilities from the Office of Patient Relations. Call 650-696-5565

    More than just physical, health
    We are concerned with your total well being, which we view as dependent on more than just your physical health.

    Respect, values, beliefs
    We respect your individuality and the care you receive will be provided with respect for your values and beliefs.

    The right decisions
    It can be hard to make the right decision if:

    • Your medical condition is uncertain
    • Your values differ from those of your health care providers
    • Your illness makes it difficult to communicate with others

      Bioethics committee, consultations
      Mills-Peninsula Health Services’ Bioethics Committee is available for individual case consultation upon the request of a patient, family member, surrogate decision maker or a hospital staff member.

      Policies, education
      The committee also assists in developing hospital policies and educating staff regarding bioethics matters.

      Members of this committee include nurses, doctors, clinical social workers, a chaplain, a patient representative and an ethicist.

      You may contact a member of the Bioethics Committee either through your physician or nurse, or directly by calling the Medical Staff Office at 650-696-5660.