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    Obesity Surgery Medical Team

    Mills-Peninsula’s Obesity Surgery Program brings together a team of professionals to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

    Our two weight loss surgeons include:

    Photo of Pam Foster, Burlingame Weight Loss SurgeonPamela Foster, M.D., Weight Loss Surgery Program Medical Director

    Lowell Albert Foster, Burlingame Bariatric SurgeonL. Albert Wetter, M.D.

    Each of the Mills-Peninsula surgeons who perform obesity surgery has not only expert technical skills, but also a thorough understanding of obesity as a medical condition, its physical and psychological challenges as well at associated disease risks.

    Nurse Specialist/Program Director:
    Meets with you and your family members before surgery to ensure that everyone has a good understanding of the procedure and what to expect afterward.

    The Nurse Specialist will then follow your progress on a daily basis while you are in the hospital and is available by phone or email to answer questions and provide support as you progress through the program components.

    Registered Dietitian:
    Meets with you before surgery to discuss necessary dietary changes. The dietician visits while you are in the hospital to review immediate postoperative diet restrictions and continues to provide support and education as needed after you go home.

    Exercise Physiologist or Aquatic Exercise Specialist:
    For an additional fee, an Exercise Physiologist or Aquatic Exercise Specialist can provide an evaluation and design an individualized exercise program. The program also offers optional fee-based membership in the Mills-Peninsula Fitness and Therapy Center and use of the indoor pool facility. Contact us at (650) 696-5688.

    Psychologist or Psychiatrist:
    Provides an evaluation before surgery is scheduled is to determine if there are psychological issues that might interfere with successful outcomes after surgery. Members of our mental health team also are available to provide continued therapy after surgery, if desired.

    For more information or to schedule an initial consultation, contact our Nurse Specialist/Program Director at 1-800-559-9960 or complete our online contact form.