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    Precautions for Preventing Hip Dislocation

    Although your new artificial hip will feel and perform like a normal hip after rehabilitation, it is still an artificial device and may dislocate if placed in an awkward position.

    Hip dislocation is uncomfortable and requires immediate medical attention at a hospital.

    For both hip replacement and hip resurfacing you must follow these precautions when moving your new hip:

    • Do not bend your hip beyond a 90 degree angle.
    • Do not bring the knee of your operated leg above your waist.
    • Do not cross your legs while sitting.
    • Never cross the knee of the operated leg over the knee of the non-operated leg.
    • Do not bring the operated leg across the midline of your body.
    • Do not bend forward at the hip while sitting in a chair.
    • Do not pick items off of the ground from a sitting position.