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    Medical Technology Fund |Financial Support Program

    The new Mills-Peninsula Medical Center is the latest and most visible sign of Mills-Peninsula’s commitment to high quality health care right here at home.

    Key Highlights of the New Hospital

    • The hospital is the most seismically safe building in the county
    • Every element of the building’s design puts patient and family needs first
    • There are 241 private patient rooms with family sleeping accommodations and 75 more available as neededGenerosity Heals, Make a Gift Today - Donate to the Medical Technology Fund to Acquire the Latest State-of-the-Art Equipment
    • Our expanded emergency department is nearly 50% larger
    • Our Imaging Department uses filmless radiology, electronic patient charting and other paperless innovations to increase safety and provide faster and more precise communication
    The pace of improvements in medical equipment is so rapid that even as we have just opened the doors, we are keeping an eye on emerging technology and considering upgrades to make sure the new facility never loses ground.

    In order to maintain our commitment to keeping pace with medical technology, recruit and retain the finest medical professionals, and exceed our current rating in the top five percent of hospitals in the U.S. for clinical outcomes, we need to continue investing.

    Establishing a Fund to Sustain Our Level of Excellence

    Today, Mills-Peninsula Medical Center is one of the finest new hospitals in the nation. But to stay in the forefront we need to continually upgrade to the latest generation of diagnostic and treatment technologies as they are developed.

    New developments that help us improve early detection, surgical outcomes and patient comfort will also elevate what is already an award-winning standard of care. For this reason, we have established the Medical Technology Fund. Contributions made to the Fund will assist with the acquisition of the latest state-of-the-art equipment in various areas of the hospital that need an upgrade.

    Learn More

    For more information about the Medical Technology Fund or to learn how your support can help us, please contact John Loder, president of Mills-Peninsula Hospital Foundation, at or 650-696-5958.

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