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    Center for Innovation & Research - Health Provider of the Future

    MPHS for Innvation in Health CareThe compelling new discoveries of genetic medicine, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, the vast accomplishments in communications and information technology, and the remarkable advances in medical devices and imaging are changing the way hospitals and physicians provide care to their patients and how they do business.

    Advancements in place today and on the horizon will dramatically improve patient outcomes, save money, reduce hospital Generosity Heals, Make a Gift Today - Donate to the Center for Innovation and Researchreadmission rates and help recruit and retain the highest caliber physicians and other professionals. Embracing the innovation curve and participating in the next generation of medical, health and system advancements are no longer breakthrough strategies — but rather requirements to sustain a vibrant, forward looking and energized health system.

    The proximity of Silicon Valley and South San Francisco biotech industries offers us a perfect opportunity to partner with innovators to ensure the finest medical care anywhere. While Mills-Peninsula can begin to bring together elements of health care innovation, for this vision to be realized we will need the help of private philanthropy.

    Creating a Living Laboratory for New Technologies

    The Mills-Peninsula Center for Innovation and Research will be a living laboratory for new care models, promising technologies, therapeutic products, services and treatments. It will be the umbrella organization for clinical research, an innovation incubator for collaboration with biotech partners and start-ups for new technologies, and a simulation center for training and piloting new surgical and medical technologies. It will:

    • Be at the forefront of devices, treatments and procedures that improve delivery of health care
    • Help patients benefit from new bioscience technologies — especially in personalized medicine
    • Assess the long-term impact of patient and community health outcomes from various treatments
    • Provide a nexus for dialogue and learning within physician and clinical leadership
    • Offer an opportunity for innovators to beta test their ideas
    • Share proven innovations with other health systems
    Development of the Center will begin with establishing a strong infrastructure. Initial activity will focus on:
    • Recruiting leadership
    • Identifying and prioritizing research opportunities, partners and funders
    • Selecting practitioners interested in participating
    • Convening expert groups on key topics to establish innovation pathways
    • Ensuring the quality, scope and integration of information management and databases
    • Researching methods for accelerated adoption of technologies

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    With so many pieces strategically in place or planned for the near future, Mills-Peninsula has the opportunity to harness its growing technology infrastructure for substantial benefits for medical science and the community. To find out how you can support initiatives in the Center for Innovation and Research, please contact John Loder, president of Mills-Peninsula Hospital Foundation, at or 650-696-5958.

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