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    Emergency Services Expansion | San Francisco Peninsula

    Currently, Mills-Peninsula serves as the major receiving hospital for most emergencies on the Peninsula and is the official destination for emergencies at the San Francisco International Airport.

    On an average day, our award-winning Emergency Department team treats more than 115 patients, administering critical care for stroke, heart attack, car accidents, sports injuries, poisoning — or any medical or psychiatric emergency. To continue to meet these and other growing emergency-care needs in the community, Generosity Heals, Make a Gift Today - Donate to Emergency Services Expansionwe plan to expand our Emergency Department in the next five years by 42 percent, to accommodate 50,000 visits annually.

    Leveraged by the new emergency space in the medical center, further examples of expansion include improvements in:

    • Health outcomes
      Through the use of negative air pressure rooms to protect against the spread of infection, state-of-the-art cardiac monitors at every bed, new central line monitors (which reduce sepsis mortality) and the deployment of additional after-hours staff

    • Patient privacy
      23 private rooms, including six rooms reserved for psychiatric emergencies

    • Patient and staff safety
      New gurneys and ceiling lifts in every room, which also expedites patient transportation and care

    • Patient wait times
      A new entry area to speed medical evaluations, additional triage rooms, and adjoining operating rooms and imaging services
    • The healing environment
      Tranquil waiting areas as well as a children’s play area – both of which incorporate sound absorbent materials
    When minutes, even seconds, can mean the difference between life and death, timely access to quality emergency services is critical. We are committed to the delivery of this care today and for decades to come.

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    As our hospital programs for acute stroke and cardiac care continue to grow and expand in upcoming years, so too must our emergency services. To find out how you can support the expansion of our emergency services, please contact John Loder, president of Mills-Peninsula Hospital Foundation, at or 650-696-5958.

    Make a donation to the Emergency Services Expansion