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    Support Your Community's Critical Needs

    At Mills-Peninsula, we recognize that health care is local. We are committed to creating a new health care system for our community that places the patient and their family at the center of everything we do. Our transformational vision for 2020 is in place and we invite you to collaborate with us in creating healthier communities. The generosity of those who give to Mills-Peninsula makes a crucial difference in our ability to fulfill our mission to the community we serve.

    We seek support from donors in areas that need improvement, to establish and continue innovative programs, and to acquire the latest technologies.

    Getting funding for our critical needs will help us transform the delivery of health care and support the organization’s mission to be a community health resource that is a leader in patient care, research and education.

    Our current funding priorities, in alphabetical order, are:

    Cardiovascular Outcomes Research
    Developing a world class cardiovascular program is an essential component of achieving Mills-Peninsula’s vision for a healthier community. As we develop new treatments to help patients live longer we also want to provide transparency for patients to know the outcomes physicians receive as well as what those results mean. Learn more about the cardiovascular outcomes research or make a donation to this important program.

    Mills-Peninsula Center for Innovation and Research
    The Mills-Peninsula Center for Innovation and Research will be a living laboratory for new care models, promising technologies, therapeutic products, services and treatments. It will be the umbrella organization for clinical research, an innovation incubator for collaboration with biotech partners and start-ups for new technologies, and a simulation center for training and piloting new surgical and medical technologies. Learn more about the Center or make a donation to become partners in this vision of health care innovation.

    Diabetes Center of Excellence
    Nearly every medical specialty must be involved to create and sustain an effective diabetes program. Our goal is to develop a Diabetes Center of Excellence that will work with the community to reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes and provide excellent care to improve the quality of life for people who have the disease. Learn more about the Diabetes Center of Excellence or make a donation to the Center.

    Digital Tomosynthesis: Innovation Digital 3D Technology
    Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in San Mateo County. The county was identified as a new area of concern in a recent Public Health Institute study, with invasive breast cancer rates reaching 10-20% higher than the statewide rate. The Mills Peninsula Women’s Center is dedicated to providing high-quality breast health services to the community by securing the most advanced digital technologies. Learn more about the Digital Tomosynthesis or make a donation to support the acquisition of this equipment.

    Heart and Vascular Institute
    Heart disease is the leading cause of death in San Mateo County, accounting for one in four deaths. Mills-Peninsula plans to develop a Heart and Vascular Institute dedicated to prevention, treatment, intervention, rehabilitation, continuous quality improvement and education. Learn more about the Heart and Vascular Institute or make a donation to the development of a program that will provide an integrated continuum of cardiothoracic care.

    Hybrid Surgical Suite
    Every year, Mills-Peninsula surgeons perform approximately 1,000 interventional procedures, many of which are endovascular surgeries. While our surgeons are able to offer many advantages to patients, there is still room for better patient outcomes. With the acquisition of a hybrid surgical suite, patients will experience a shorter recovery period, less discomfort, local or regional anesthesia, smaller incisions, less stress on the heart, and fewer risks. Learn more about the innovative hybrid surgical suite or make a donation to support the acquisition of this equipment.

    Institute for Cancer Care, Research and Healing
    Cancer continues to be the leading cause of death in San Mateo County. The total number of cases is expected to double in the next 20 years. Mills-Peninsula plans to develop an Institute for Cancer Care, Research and Healing, where our multi-disciplinary team of physicians develop will develop personalized treatments and prevention measures, improve outcomes and enhance the patient experience. Learn more about the Institute or make a donation to help support our vision.

    Medical Technology Fund
    Mills-Peninsula has made a commitment to keep pace with medical technology, recruit and retain the finest medical professionals, and exceed our current rating in the top five percent of hospitals in the U.S. for clinical outcomes. In order to fulfill this commitment, we need to continually upgrade to the latest generation of diagnostic and treatment technologies as they are developed. Learn more about the Medical Technology Fund or make a donation to assist us in acquiring the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

    Mental Health Program for Adolescents
    Despite our reputation for providing high-quality care, the Peninsula lacks an integrated mental health program for adolescents. With your help, we can build upon a solid foundation of quality care, continue our efforts to overcome the stigma of mental health services and tailor mental health treatments to diverse age, gender, racial and cultural needs. Learn more about this region-wide integrated mental health program or make a donation to the Mental Health Program for Adolescents.

    Nursing Center of Excellence
    Mills-Peninsula nurses are actively engaged in a variety of clinical quality improvement initiatives including multidisciplinary teams working on overall patient safety and a variety of targeted projects to improve the outcomes of care. Our proposed Nursing Center of Excellence will bring greater focus to improving quality and safety, patient- and family-centered care and research to bring innovations to every care setting. Learn more about the Nursing Center of Excellence or make a donation to the Center.

    Cancer continues to be one of the leading causes of death in San Mateo County and we know that early detection of cancer leads to better treatment options. This is the reason for our second cancer related fundraising priority for 2014 to purchase and install a state-of-the art diagnostic imaging system called the PET/CT. The PET/CT is designed to provide more accurate diagnoses and targeted treatments while reducing radiation of non-cancerous tissue. Learn more PET/CT or make a donation to support this campaign.

    Sutter Health System-Wide Initiatives

    Biobanks that store biological samples, such as blood and tissue, for future research are becoming increasingly important in understanding the genetic and molecular contributions to disease, health outcomes and treatment. We have a unique opportunity to leverage the diverse patient population of this Mills-Peninsula and Palo Alto Medical Foundation organizations. Learn more about the Sutter BioBank or make a donation to this revolutionary program.

    Perioperative Nurse Training Initiative
    Our health system is facing a staggering demand for operating room nurses—now referred to as perioperative nurses—because of their duties before, during and after surgery. Nursing schools will not keep pace with demand over the next five years as the patient population requiring surgery grows and existing nurses leave the workforce. This pilot initiative attempts to standardize, strengthen and shorten the training program for perioperative nursing to ensure patient safety and quality while helping to meet the future health care needs of patients across the Sutter Health network. Learn more about the program or make a donation to this novel program.