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    Charitable Trusts - Income & Tax Benefits

    A charitable remainder trust offers you many rewards including a new income, tax benefits and the ability to make a significant gift to community health care during you lifetime.

    You can set up the trust using:

    • Cash
    • Stock
    • Real Estate
    You will receive tax benefits, such as:
    • An income tax deduction
    • Estate tax relief
    • Avoiding capital gains tax by giving appreciated stock or property - such as an unwanted rental property or an unused vacation home
    The income from the trust can be paid:
    • For life
    • A set number of years that you choose
    • To you and any other person
    • As a variable amount that may grow over time
    • As a fixed amount determined at the time the trust is created
    You may designate your gift to:
    • Support your favorite program or service
    • Endow a named department chair
    • Provide for perpetual funding of a program
    Contact us if you would like additional information on charitable trusts.