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    Radioimmunotherapy & Lymphoma Treatments

    An advanced treatment for Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma currently offered in only a few cancer centers in the San Francisco Bay Area. The treatment involves injecting genetically engineered drugs called radiolabeled monoclonal antibodies that can actually target specific cancer cells.

    The antibody (very much like Rituxan) also has attached a radioactive particle to it. The benefit is killing of the lymphoma cells that the antibody is attached to.

    Since the antibody only attaches to lymphocytes that express the target antigen, nearly all normal tissue is spared any radiation.

    The antibody is fully mouse so your body will eliminate a mouse antibody faster than one that is partly human because it clearly recognizes the mouse antibody as foreign.

    Radioimmunotherapy Benefits

    • More effective than chemotherapy or a plain antibody like Rituxan
    • Some patients are still in remission after 10-15 years of treatment
    • Low toxicity
    • Very convenient with only a few injections in some cases

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