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    Laser Guided Radiation Therapy - Prostate Cancer Treatments

    A machine that helps guide radiation therapy during prostate cancer treatments. Iti s like a "GPS" system to treat cancer. It works by tracking "seeds" that are implanted into a patient. When the patient goes for radiation therapy, the Calypso tracks the seeds and guides the laser. This is important because the prostate gland, which is about the size of a walnut, can move during treatment and that makes it difficult to track. The machine will stop everything if the laser moves off target. The laser is able to pinpoint the location of the prostate during treatment within one millimeter.

    LGRT can reduce the number of necessary treatments by more than a third. The laser is more accurate because it can be directed and be pushed to higher doses and kill the tumour quickly. This type of treatment can reduce the painful side-effects for cancer patients as well as reduce waiting lists by cutting treatment times.

    • Patients experienced a return of urinary continence better than the norm versus other types of treatment.
    • Long-term ability to prevent cancer recurrence.
    • Reduce the risk of damaging the crucial nerves around the prostate.

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