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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Assist U is an employee assistance program focused on helping employers provide a healthy, productive workplace for employees.

    What is this program?

    Assist U Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a benefit designed to provide help with personal stress that affects everyone at one time or another. While it is possible to handle many problems without assistance, professional assessment, referral and counseling can help you find solutions for your problems. The Employee Assistance Program is a confidential way of obtaining professional help to reduce the impact of problems on your life and your job.

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    How much does it cost?

    Your visits to the program are paid for by your employer. If we refer you to a doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, or community mental health provider, your medical benefits may pay all or most of the cost. Benefit verification is obtained by the Employee Assistance Counselor, who will do everything possible to get you the best source of help.

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    Who uses the program?

    Assist U services are available to all employees and their eligible dependents (spouse/partner or dependent children).

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    How do I get help?

    Call (800) 750-5595 to schedule a confidential appointment with an employee assistance counselor. He or she will talk with you and identify the problem(s) you or someone close to you is experiencing. Together you and your counselor will decide the next step.

    If appropriate, your counselor will arrange referrals to the most appropriate professional or community resource for additional help or treatment. He or she will follow your progress to ensure that your problem(s) is being resolved.

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    Does anyone else know?

    All services are strictly confidential and voluntary, and will not be disclosed to anyone, including your supervisor, boss or employer, without your written consent. No EAP records become part of your personnel file or can be accessed by the company.

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    What if my supervisor sent me?

    If you are referred by your supervisor, you will be encouraged to sign a release giving us permission to notify your employer that you made and kept your appointment. No other information will be disclosed about the nature of your problem without your written consent.

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    What happens when I call?

    We set up an appointment with the Employee Assistance Counselor. They will talk with you and identify the problems you or someone close to you is having. Together you will decide on the next step. Your Employee Assistance Counselor will provide referrals to the most appropriate professional or community resource for additional assistance or treatment.

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    What if a tragedy occurs at work?

    Unfortunately a death, serious injury or a threatening situation can occur anywhere, any time. If requested, a licensed clinician will be at your work site, usually within 2 hours to provide you and your co-workers with professional assistance. Our services include consulting, training, individual or group debriefing and follow-up support, if needed.

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    In addition to counseling services, do you provide any additional services?

    We provide you and your family members, if contractually eligible , with legal referrals to a top rated attorney or financial professional. A free 30 minute office or telephone consultation is available with either professional. If you wish to retain a participating lawyer or financial advisor after the initial consultation, their services will be provided at a 25% discount off their hourly rate. Typical matters may include divorce & child custody, contractual and consumer disputes, real estate and landlord tenant, car accidents and insurance disputes, etc.

    To utilize these services, please call Assist U at 800-750-5595.

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    If you have additional questions, please Email Chris Nihil or Email Ron Kemper.

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